Saturday, 16 January 2010

A quiet Saturday afternoon at the farm

I'm cooking the guys' dinner as I haven't been here at the caravan very much lately. I've been at Nige's in Weston -- the best place to work on the choking game campaign now that it's moving along so quickly. Here's an update.
The tv interview went well and will be aired on Tuesday. It's been held up following the latest sad event. A woman in mid-England, whose 17 year old son died in mid-December, contacted me after she read the Independent article; only then did she realize the true cause of her son's death. She agreed to an interview with the same tv reporter, and he's adding that piece to the story. So now... all those reporters who thought the choking game not news-worthy enough to cover are having second thoughts! My phone rings often these days.
As well, a woman's magazine is doing a piece about the choking game in next week's issue, so the word is finally getting out. The next part of my plan is to get back to an MP with whom I spoke a few months back. I'm going to rattle his chain and secure his political backing.
For those who don't know -- Nige and I have created another website, this one with more general info on the game and links to sites of other mums around the world who are working to heighten awareness of the game. It's
On a personal level, my circumstances are about to change. I have the go-ahead on the flat I viewed last week and take possession in February. This is an exciting event for me, having lived in the caravan on the lane for so long. Country life has been good for me in terms of my grief journey and spiritual growth. But now it's time to get back to the city and the sort of life I had before November 3rd, 1993.
It's a two-bedroom flat with lots of room, should anybody decide to visit and perhaps see why I so love living in south-west England. It's a five-minute block from Nige's flat, and another five-minute walk to the sea. So now I'm mooching around charity and second-hand furniture shops for bits and pieces with which to furnish my new home -- something I've been doing on and off since 1984. Fortunately I never tire of creating a cozy new nest.
Time now to check out the roasting chicken and peel some potatoes. Over and out...


  1. Anne!
    I got a 'google' alert for your blog! Please send me a link to the article as soon as you can!
    Love you,

  2. Lovely blog!! i like your character too sir! happy new year!