Saturday, 16 January 2010

A quiet Saturday afternoon at the farm

I'm cooking the guys' dinner as I haven't been here at the caravan very much lately. I've been at Nige's in Weston -- the best place to work on the choking game campaign now that it's moving along so quickly. Here's an update.
The tv interview went well and will be aired on Tuesday. It's been held up following the latest sad event. A woman in mid-England, whose 17 year old son died in mid-December, contacted me after she read the Independent article; only then did she realize the true cause of her son's death. She agreed to an interview with the same tv reporter, and he's adding that piece to the story. So now... all those reporters who thought the choking game not news-worthy enough to cover are having second thoughts! My phone rings often these days.
As well, a woman's magazine is doing a piece about the choking game in next week's issue, so the word is finally getting out. The next part of my plan is to get back to an MP with whom I spoke a few months back. I'm going to rattle his chain and secure his political backing.
For those who don't know -- Nige and I have created another website, this one with more general info on the game and links to sites of other mums around the world who are working to heighten awareness of the game. It's
On a personal level, my circumstances are about to change. I have the go-ahead on the flat I viewed last week and take possession in February. This is an exciting event for me, having lived in the caravan on the lane for so long. Country life has been good for me in terms of my grief journey and spiritual growth. But now it's time to get back to the city and the sort of life I had before November 3rd, 1993.
It's a two-bedroom flat with lots of room, should anybody decide to visit and perhaps see why I so love living in south-west England. It's a five-minute block from Nige's flat, and another five-minute walk to the sea. So now I'm mooching around charity and second-hand furniture shops for bits and pieces with which to furnish my new home -- something I've been doing on and off since 1984. Fortunately I never tire of creating a cozy new nest.
Time now to check out the roasting chicken and peel some potatoes. Over and out...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Moving right on along...

I was planning on blogging about the new year and resolutions and such, but my thoughts and plans have been happily pre-empted by the response I've had to the article on the choking game in the Independent, one of Britain's most respected newspapers.
It all began when I returned from Paris with huge resolve to get cracking on the campaign and do all I could to make people sit up and take notice. I needed to be heard; for that matter, Mike's voice did too. After all, the plaque on the coroner's wall in Toronto reads: 'We speak for the dead to protect the living.'
Anyway... with Nige's help I did a mail-out to 9 media resources, two of which were UK's main tv stations. Two days after dropping the large brown envelopes into the post box (thinking that if I got any response it wouldn't be until well into the new year), a reporter from the Independent took up the cause. She carefully researched the choking game and wrote an informative and compelling article... which set off the tv trail.
It's been a long hard slog -- getting people to listen to Mike's story with a view to heightening awareness of the deadly game. Over the years I've felt like giving up. 'Move on,' I told myself. 'Move on,' others advised. But each time I dropped the campaign something would happen to cause me to take it up again, and with even more resolve than in the past. And the reason? More kids are dying because of the game!
I'm glad I didn't give up. I'm glad I'm doing this for Mike. I know he would issue the same warning that I do. DON'T PLAY THE GAME.
And so... my year is off to a really good start because my second piece of news is that I've found a super flat in Weston-super-Mare -- two-bedroom (not that I need that much room unless any of my family come to visit), a new kitchen, within easy walking distance of Nige's place and the sea and town. Once I receive word that it's mine (about which I have little doubt), I will move in around the beginning of February. I'll leave enough furniture and 'stuff' at the farm so that I can visit and stay over often, especially to tend my flower and veggie garden once spring arrives and, of course, to make Bill's custard!
As for new year's resolutions... well, I'll get to them when I have the time and space time to think about them.
Ohhh... I got carried away and almost forgot to tell you about the two tv stations that contacted me this morning, each requesting an interview!!! The London-based station (with national coverage) is sending out a reporter and a cameraman on Monday -- to Nige's, cuz the caravan's a bit too cramped. The other is a local station, with coverage in the south-west of England, want to tape tomorrow. I'm waiting to hear from Monday's interviewer so as not to step on anyone's toes. Watch this space...

Sunday, 20 December 2009

An Introduction to Blogging

It has occurred to me that I now have several modes of keeping track of me. In my daily diary I make concise notes on my daily activities and often compare the day with the one the year before. Then there's my journal, which I tend to turn to when I'm feeling stressed or uncertain. It has added value as a venting outlet. But I see that blogging goes one step further than chronicling the day's activities and trying to sort things out in my mind: it's scope is much bigger, and I like the thought of sharing some of the more important aspects of my life with special people.
Well, I guess what I've written isn't exactly earth-shattering -- more of a way to work myself into the habit of blogging. I promise that my blogs will get more interesting, so... watch this space... ;-)

Friday, 18 December 2009

Blog number 1

I'm still setting up this blog site. Please check in later and see how I did!